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GSC CampusCare Committee Vote

The GSC CampusCare Committee has been working hard in collaboration with the Undergraduate Student Government, GEO, and incoming Student Trustee Ken Thomas to put together a request for information and transparency from CampusCare.

GSC Representatives have been sent an email with the following information asking for their support in voting to signing the GSC name to this letter:

GSC colleagues,

On behalf of the GSC CampusCare Committee, I am asking you to approve a joint letter ( ) asking CampusCare to improve transparency and communication.

This letter was authored by representatives of our GSC CampusCare Committee, the Undergraduate Student Government, Ken Thomas (who is the incoming student member of the Board of Trustees), and GEO staff, and it has been approved by a “yes” vote within the GSC CampusCare Committee. We propose to send this to the relevant administrators as soon as we can, if a larger GSC vote approves it. Time is of the essence, so we cannot wait for next month’s GSC meeting, but we apologize for bothering you between meetings like this.

We are asking you to electronically vote within the next 5 days. Each and every vote is very important and time is a major factor with potential Spring Break distractions. Finally, we have proposed a yes/no vote on this letter without amendments or additions, because other groups are also voting on it as is, and we need to avoid confusion.

This letter passed the USG unanimously and it also passed the GEO steering committee after GEO reps helped to put it together with the other groups.

Thank you for your time and effort!

Sincerely yours, Stephen Davis, GSC CampusCare Committee member

Please vote here (current UIC Graduate Student Council representatives only):


We want the GSC Representatives to read the letter and vote online before March 23rd.   As a way to voice your ideas, concerns, suggestions, thoughts, etc., we have started this blog post.  Please feel free to comment on the letter if you choose.  We welcome your thoughts!