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Project Award: MSAPH Conference

There was a proposal to open up an online forum to discuss the proposed project award about the MSAPH Conference.  The information went out in an email on 2/18/11.

Please feel free to discuss, debate, assent, dissent in the comments here.  Please make sure that you put your official vote in Feb.  22nd.  If you would rather table the discussion, please indicate that on the voting form.

Conversation btw. deana and the GSC Rep:

Steve Davis, Anthropology – hank you for sending the information on this. Normally I have no complaints whatsoever about the GSC leadership, because you (and all of our officers) do your very best for grad students, as anyone can see.

However, in this case, I’m disappointed not to have a chance to debate this proposed Project Award in a GSC meeting, because it is _not_ the kind of thing that we normally fund. Rather than a smaller project—such as a group of students who would receive _no_other_ funding from any other source if GSC didn’t support them—this is a large conference with significant external funding—and GSC funding would be a drop in the bucket, comparatively. And for these reasons, I would be inclined to vote _against_ funding this proposal. With this in mind, I have one request and one question:
(1) I move to open up some form of electronic debate on this project, or, at the least, to postpone this vote until our next meeting.
(2) A question: How much money do we have left for Project Awards this semester? (i.e., If we vote “yes” or “no” on this, what effect does that have on projects that _are_ presented at the next meeting?)
Reply from deana:
We received this project award a few days ago.  The officers were in debate for a few days about whether to send it out or wait until next meeting or deny it all together.  We agreed that since this is a graduate student group in need of funding before the 25th, we would send it out to the GSC representatives for a vote.  If we waited until the next meeting on March 10th, it would have been past the conference date. 

I understand your concern although I don’t completely follow your reasoning.  All of the people who have presented project awards to us have received outside funding.  Some of those projects awards have received the funding that the MSAPH conference has received and more.  If the GSC did not fund the majority of the project awards, the events would have continued.  The reason why the majority of people come to us for funding is because we will fund food: SAFC (where other people received funding) does not and departments only sometimes do.

If this project award goes through, there will be 2 project awards left.  If it doesn’t, then there will be 3.

We can send an addendum to the vote telling people that they can voice their assent or dissent on the GSC blog and asking people if they prefer to wait until the next meeting.

Reply from Steve –
I see your point about the mixture of funding for the other Project Awards this year. But two things come to mind. First, that the previous projects all seemed to have smaller budgets (if I recall) than this proposed event, so GSC was still a major part of their funding. And second—though I failed to mention this at our previous GSC meetings—I had always considered these kinds of large events to be of lower priority for our GSC funding—that is, I would _much_ rather use GSC funds for small groups of students and their original ideas, if they are brought to us for consideration. That said, I hear what you are saying about funding for food at these events (i.e., that they cannot usually get $ for food from other UIC entities), and they are sometimes quite justified in receiving our money. Also, there is always the possibility that no “small” grad student groups will come forward for the final round of Project Awards—so my concern might be for naught.
So, I get it. I just wanted us to have the option of debating this “large” group’s request side-by-side with any remaining requests for our funding.  And I wonder if we could still do that—i.e., vote “no” for now, but in favor of putting off this request until our next meeting, even though it would be after the fact.
Anyway, I’m fine with it now. I’ve had my say, and I know that our officers all did what they thought best. I just want some more discussion among fellow GSC reps regarding this proposed award—if they even care to discuss it, that is.
–Steve (GSC rep for Anthropology)

Info about voting:

Usually we have applicants present at our monthly meeting so we can fund
their upcoming event. Since this event is coming up before our next meeting,
the applicant has a detailed description of the event in the document. The
event is open to all graduate students.
You can email me if you have questions/clarifications regarding the event
and I will get the relevant info. from the applicant. Please vote on the GSC
Project award here:

Please note that only one rep. per department has voting privileges in the
GSC and have your vote in *by Tuesday Feb 22nd.*