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GSC 101: Intro to being a GSC Rep

What is the Graduate Student Council?

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) at the University of Illinois at Chicago is the governing graduate student body consisting of representatives from all degree-granting programs in the Graduate College.

GSC has four primary goals:

– Supporting graduate students by hosting academic seminars and workshops

– Encouraging graduate students to attend professional conferences by supplying travel awards

– Bringing graduate students together through various social events and project awards

– Representing graduate students in campus-wide committees and meetings throughout the year


What is my role as a GSC Representative or Alternate?

As a GSC representative (“Rep”) or alternate (“Alt”), you serve as a liaison between graduate students in your department and the GSC.  You are highly encouraged to voice the issues and concerns of graduate students you represent, vote on issues and policies presented at GSC meetings, serve on campus committees, and help implement anything that would improve the lives of UIC graduate students.


The three (3) main duties of a GSC Rep/Alt include:

1) Representing graduate students in your department at monthly GSC meetings

2) Sharing information from GSC with your department AND providing feedback from your department to the GSC

3) Actively participating in making UIC a great place for grad students to live and learn by:

– Serving on GSC committees and other campus wide programs

– Encouraging and assisting students in applications for Travel and Project Awards


Can our department have more than two (2) graduate student reps for the GSC?

All graduate students are welcome to attend the GSC meetings at any time. However, the GSC will only recognize a maximum of two representatives from each department, one primary and one alternate, for voting procedures.

What if our department has classes during GSC meeting times? Can we have more than two GSC reps?

GSC encourages both the department Rep and the Alt to attend monthly GSC meetings for the sake of face recognition, continuity, and coherence.  Still, we know that meeting times may not be feasible for everyone.  If neither the Rep nor Alt can attend a GSC meeting, an “unofficial” alternate may attend in their place -just make sure s(he) signs the attendance sheet to ensure your department is counted!


What is the GSC attendance policy?

Participation at EVERY monthly GSC meeting is required to maintain your department’s eligibility for GSC travel awards.  (Currently, the same does NOT hold true for GSC project awards, i.e. your department can be ineligible for travel awards, while retaining eligibility for project awards.)  Because of the large number of graduate students who apply for travel awards and the limited availability of funds, GSC has established specific policies on attendance:

Zero (0) missed meetings: Your department is in perfect standing!  All full-time graduate students who present at conferences are eligible for GSC travel awards!  (Note: students in their last year of grad school and preparing to defend do not need to be full-time students to be eligible for travel awards.)

One (1) missed meeting: The department must make up one (1) hour of missed time by assisting with GSC-related activities.  No new submissions from that department will be accepted, nor will any pending submissions be processed, until the missed meeting is made up.

Two (2) missed meetings: The department must make up three (3) hours of missed time by assisting with GSC-related tasks. No new submissions from that department will be accepted, nor will any pending submissions be processed, until the missed meetings are made up.

Three (3) missed meetings: No new travel award submissions from the department will be accepted, nor will any pending travel award submissions be processed for the current semester.  There is no way to make up these hours in the current semester.  The department will not be eligible to submit travel award applications until the following semester, at the discretion of the GSC executive board.  The department DGS will also be notified of the missed meetings and the travel award ineligibility for the semester.  PLEASE MAKE SURE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN TO YOU AND YOUR DEPARTMENT!!!

Thank you for choosing to represent your fellow grad students in the GSC. We look forward to working with each and every one of you! Let’s have a great semester!

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