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GSC March 2013 Meeting Recap

GSC Monthly Meeting Minutes                                3/14/13


  • UIC Daley Library Services: Jay Lambrecht, Associate University Librarian
    • Planning to pilot 10AM daily opening
    • Contact executive committee with other concerns
    • 24 hour access during finals week Apr 24-May 5 and until midnight prior and following weekend
    • Research guides, research tools for grad students lists library resources. Library has liaisons assigned to disciplines for more assistance. By request library can create research tool page for graduate students in a discipline.
    • (Sandy) Workshops listed on Services | Workshops | Online workshops on library website. Welcome input for workshops that would be helpful. Has started working with Grad College to generate new workshop ideas: grad student toolkit, refworks, data management, visualizing data, copyright protection, open access, measuring research impact. Contact exec committee with requests for other workshops. Dissertations and theses now being submitted electronically and put into institutional repository. Publicly accessible dissertations and theses available at and also planning to upload 7,000 past dissertations.
    • To get in touch with librarians, click Ask a Librarian link on library page.


  • Announcement (Byron): submit nominations for officers, including self-nominations, through Qiana anytime during the meeting.


  • Announcement from Society of Hispanic Professionals Engineers.
    • Looking to form partnerships with other organizations on campus, currently technical focus but interested in new partnerships.
    • Next meeting on April 3, hosted by BP, which will talk about job opportunities. Planning for next year, info at


  • UIC Veteran Student Association: Kenneth Adams, Liberal Arts & Sciences
    • There are 455 veterans attending UIC. Increasing during war drawdown.
    • Problem: difficulty adjusting to civilian, student life.
    • Proposal: Veteran Resource Center on campus. UIC does not currently have a Veteran Resource Center.
    • Byron reports that GSC has already supported this proposal, asks for show of hands for support.
    • Question: where to contact for more information? Qiana has Ken’s email address, copy of proposal.


  • UIC Student Legal Services: Melissa Williams, Attorney
    • Located at Dean of Students Office, SSB 3rd floor.
    • Student fees fund Legal Services. Wants to serve students even if there is no current legal issue–wants to do workshops for general students. Distributed business card with phone number to call for specific issue or workshop idea.
    • Flyer for first workshop: landlord-tenant issues. For people even if you don’t have an issue currently. Lawyer’s Committee for Better Housing will present Renter’s Resource Guide.
    • Next workshop about Fair Housing and foreclosure.
    • Trying to duplicate East Campus workshops on West Campus as well.
    • Some types of legal issues include going to court, landlord-tenant, divorce (especially unprotected, meaning no children no property, but also will refer for contested divorce), bankruptcy, traffic court. Office includes law student interns and working on pro bono attorneys.
    • Working on website, info is available on dean of students website, and will pass announcements to Qiana. Also want to upload workshop videos to website
    • No fees for legal representation. Student fees cover the cost of service, no additional fees.
    • If the other person is UIC student or faculty, you’ll be referred to ombudsman or university counsel. Legal services is partnered with other legal services and resources to help you.
    • Regarding international students, in IL there’s a provision that you can drive with a license from outside the United States. Students had been getting tickets for not having valid IL DL, but there’s a statute that it’s legal. Legal services can defend against tickets in a situation like this. Landlord-tenant issues are also big for international students, so looking for partnership with international services to do specific workshops.
  • Student trustees
    • Elections were yesterday. Danielle Leibowitz will begin serving July 1, so Ken and/or Danielle will attend the rest of GSC meetings this spring.
    • Met with Dr. Henly and student affairs staff
    • Board Trustees meeting in Urbana March 6-7 and discussed Campus Care. Health insurance was passed at other two campuses with 20% increases in premiums because they don’t have self-funded plans, which means they need to be ACA compliant. Campus Care at UIC is self-funded, so it doesn’t legally have to be ACA compliant, but the campus task force decided to accept most ACA provisions. Waiting on hospital for numbers. Some fixed timeline, because it has to be approved by Board of Trustees in May. Need to know fee increase. There will be an increase for free contraceptives, gender reassignment surgery, and some other services. As soon as we know the increase we’ll let GSC know. Ken doesn’t support huge increase but wants a minimal increase.
    • Planning grad student forum April 12, 12-1PM (tentative) to learn about student trustees, discuss grad student issues, and discuss strategies for issues. Afternoon break with Chancellor April 11 in Cardinal room, 3-4PM. Ken’s FB and Twitter are accepting questions to present to the Chancellor at the afternoon break. Hoping to have questions in the next week or so or come to the break. Try to submit questions early.
    • Lobby day is April 10. All day trip to Springfield, expenses paid, written excuse to provide to faculty, trying to send as many people as possible to make the case for university funding.
    • Danielle announced as new trustee.
    • Question: What are the new Campus Care benefits?
    • Ken: We’re trying to implement free contraceptives for Campus Care students. We have to assume a certain percentage of students who will use the benefit in order to charge an amount to cover the benefit.
    • Qiana: Waiting on analyses to come back for estimates of the percentage of women who will use the benefit (35%-80%). We’re trying to use Urbana’s percentages.
    • Ken: Another is reassignment surgery, which is very expensive, but less than one person per year nationwide uses it.
    • Qiana: Lifetime benefits will be decreased from $2 million to $500,000.
    • Ken: The higher number was for ACA compliance and they were attempted to phase in lifetime unlimited, so they went from $500k to 2 million, but now they’re taking it back down. It’s more expensive to have $2 million limit even though we’ve never had to cover anyone at that level.
    • Question: What about more basic benefits like blood tests?
    • Ken: Received an email about a specific benefit. We’re trying to check and see why that’s not covered.
    • Question: For reassignment surgery are things like hormones and syringes covered?
    • Ken: It will be 100% covered at another (non-UIC) hospital, so hormones will be covered. UIC has people who are very knowledgeable but not certified to do the surgery. So we have the knowledge but not the (medical) certification to do it. The goal is to get the information to organizations like GSC (Gender and Sexuality Center) who know the resources for services, and make sure the benefit is offered so doctors on campus can refer students to the appropriate places, but there won’t be a financial constraint for students on Campus Care.
    • Question: Specific issue with a student having trouble getting an appointment. Discussion ensues about appointment setting, referrals, Family Medicine, etc.
    • Byron: This is part of a larger conversation, and we should have the right people present. We need to table this conversation. We do have a health care task force in GSC if you’re interested in working on this at a higher level. See Qiana and Yash about that.


  • Byron: propose secret ballot vote for officers.
    • Need any final nominations so names can be put on the ballots.
    • Motion to hold the election with a show of hands vote? Motion passed to vote by show of hands, with ballot for those leaving early.


  • Project award presentations
    • Yash: we have one project award left ($500), so we can split it across multiple projects or award it to one.
    • UIC Criminal Justice Society: Joanna Thompson, Criminal Justice
      • 2nd annual Criminal Justice Society teach-in. Department of Criminology, Law, and Justice. Topic is Reform for Chicago Police.
      • April 15, 12-4 PM, Cardinal Room SCE.
      • Open to all levels of study–undergraduate and graduate.
      • Asking for lunch for main speaker and visual exhibits and lunch for Illinois Coalition of Torture speakers.
    • Graduate Student Consulting Club: Szi-Chieh Yu, Biological Sciences
      • New club started last December to help grad students in consulting. Mission is to launch careers in consulting. Membership free and open to all graduates. Currently 300+ members.
      • Resume and cover letter workshop in April. Guest speaker (name?) who has experience and expertise in consulting career coaching. Sponsorship from UIC Business School.
      • Request funding for speaker.
    • Mathematics department and members of CIAM (cyber industrial and applied mathematics), an international organization.
      • Want to organize graduate student conference in industrial applied sciences in Chicago area. Students from IIT and Northwestern are collaborating.
      • April 27-28 open to all graduate students. The conference will feature 2-3 speakers who are experts in their fields and graduate student presentations and undergraduate posters.
      • Need for local meeting for these scientists. Want to host, for example, networking dinner.
      • Need funds for a professional conference.
    • GSC can contribute in-kind assistance, e.g. lending space in SCE?
    • Voting on project awards by show of hands
      • First project award: award approved
      • Second project award: 15 in favor, 18 not in favor, no abstains. Not approve
      • Third project award: award approved
      • Divide remaining funds across the two projects


  • Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) Updates
    • Working on contracts for GAs and TAs. University rescheduled meeting to 9AM Wednesday 3/20.
    • Negotiating wages and benefits; university doesn’t want to bargain any more on tuition differentials or fees. University says they can’t move on differentials.
    • GEO asking for more money to offset tuition differentials and fees.
    • Need people to come Wednesday to vote on bargaining proposals, also, the more people there the more pressure is on the university. UH 650.


  • Graduate Student Bill of Rights Updates – Blake Garcia, Public Administration
    • Committee has identified goals and is working on specific language in the next meeting.


  • Information Technology Governance Council Updates – Sunil Tilokani, Computer Science


  • Byron: move to vote on officer elections by show of hands.
    • Motion to have all candidates speak, then vote all at once. Motion passed.
    • Candidates
      • President: Byron Sicho
      • Vice President: Engin Yapici
      • Secretary: Qiana Woodson
      • Treasurer: ?? Name
    • Vote for each candidate by show of hands. All candidates confirmed.


  • Wireless connectivity announcement (Engin): Committee is working on improving wireless reception. Email if there is an area with poor wi-fi.


  • Campus safety announcement (Engin): Support services committee is working on physical security on campus. Proposal to have panic buttons in all restrooms, at least ladies restrooms, on campus. No emergency phones in most buildings.


  • Meeting adjourned.

UIC GSC November Minutes

Student Services Building, Conference Rooms BC

Thursday, November 1, 2012

5:00 – 7:00 pm



Welcome, President Bryon Sigcho


University of Illinois Board of Trustees Updates – Ken Thomas, UIC Student Trustee

  • Student Trustee met with members of Congress in Washington, DC concerning financial aid, graduate student loans. (In July 2012 subsidized grad loan interest rates were cut.)  The Dream Act, SB.95 ( ) was also discussed.
  • UIC Student Success Plan: UIC focusing on making students’ success priority
  • Student Legal Services Committee report: UIC is hiring a new attorney by the end of the month. Services available for any issue – parking tickets to criminal offense.  Students can access the legal services on campus free of charge.
  • Finance Committee report: Tuition increases will remain in tune with inflation rates.  If state support to UIC continues to decrease, then tuitions are going up.  UIC is however attempting to keep tuition rate increases at 2-3% versus 5%.  Last year, College of Medicine proposed out-of-state student rate increase at 21% originally; it was later decreased to only 3%.  This year, College of Pharmacy out-of-state tuition rate was proposed at 18% over one year, but it will be held at 6% with expected sources of increased financial aid support. May still increase toward 18% over the next few years.
  • If you have any issues that you would like to communicate with the UIC Board of Trustees, please contact Ken Thomas via email at

UIC CampusCare Updates – Roger Carlson, Director

  • New CampusCare Benefits for Fall 2012!  Changes with CampusCare reflect changes in federal healthcare reform.  CampusCare is a self-funded, university-based student health benefits program, not an insurance company. Thus, CampusCare is not required to follow all changes presented by federal healthcare reform, but we implement some policies to make the plan more attractive.  For example, in 2014 insurance companies will go to limitless max coverage, but CampusCare cannot go with that.  Otherwise, premiums have to be increased.  Also, CampusCare did not comply with covering contraceptives, as that would necessitate an increase in premiums.
    • Dependents – Dependents are now covered through age 26 if still in school (Previously, dependents covered only up to age 19)
    • ER Claims – Now have outside independent appeal process for emergency room claims, if any situation comes up that needs to be reviewed
    • Mental Health Services – Mental Health Parity Law states insurance providers must now provide same level of service for both mental and physical health. Thus co-payments within CampusCare are now the same.  Previously, mental health services were $100 co-payment for inpatient services, with $0 inpatient co-payment for medical services.  Now all students pay $50 co-payment for either service.
    • Preventive Health – Annual preventative exams now covered for free, as outlined by government. If routine exam is not part of annual, there may be a co-pay.
    • Vision – Annual preventative vision exam now free through UIC Opthamalogy Dept. Appts taken via phone. Discounts on eyeglasses, etc. available.
    • Dental – Discounted dental services available as well.
    • ER out-of-network costs – In past, ER out-of-network visits were only covered in life-threatening emergencies.  Students are still encouraged to go to ER if they feel ill; however, students may now be responsible for up to 30% of ER costs in non-life threatening situations if student goes to an out-of-network hospital.  If at all possible (and illness is not life-threatening), students should come to UIC or one of the nine Advocate Health system hospitals in Chicago to avoid extra out-of-network costs
    • Question: Are these hospitals listed clearly somewhere on CampusCare website? Answer: Yes – they include South Suburban (Hazel Crest), Trinity (Chicago), Illinois Masonic (Chicago), Christ (Oak Lawn), Good Samaritan (Downers Grove), Lutheran General (Park Ridge), Condell (Libertyville), Good Shepard (Barrington), Rockford Memorial (Rockford), and Methodist (Peoria). UIC is trying to provide a network where students don’t have to be responsible for extra costs.
    • Question: If a student really is not able to go to the in-network sites, is there a way to appeal and still have CampusCare pay for emergency room costs? Answer: All claims get paid no matter what, but if you go outside of network, you can be responsible for up to 30% of costs.  Your percentage may be discounted but it is not guaranteed.  There are various ways to handle bills, and we will work with students as best as possible.
    • Question: For non-emergency visits, is there a list of hospitals? Answer: CampusCare is provided basically only at UIC Hospital.  Generally, the usual customary (U/C) fees for out-of-network services include a co-payment plus a 70/30 split of costs, with the CampusCare plan covering 70% and student covering 30% of claim.  For ex. with $1000 bill, the student is  responsible for $50 copay and $300 of bill.  For in-network services, CampusCare program will pay 100% of usual customary fees. There is $500,000 lifetime maximum provided by CampusCare, but there is nobody that have reached that limit in 5-10 years of program.
    • Question: I’ve experienced difficulties in scheduling appointments.  Would there be any coverage for out-of-network visits if a student cannot get an appointment at UIC?  Answer: If there is an urgent situation, you will be given an appointment quickly.  Dr Patrick Tranmer, Director, Dept of Family Medicine ( ), or Roger Carlson, Director, CampusCare, ( ) can be e-mailed directly if there is a problem
    • Question: What is the maximum prescription coverage? Answer: $2500. Very few – less than 70 students – go over the max every year.  Thus we have to balance raising the maximum for all students to cover the needs of a few.  Some students choose to purchase meds at Walmart instead of coming to UIC in order to avoid reaching the max.
    • Question: I went to the primary care physician to schedule appointment, which took more than two weeks.  Then the doctor referred me to a Dermatologist and that appointment took more than 6 weeks. In total, it took more than 2 months to find out what was wrong.  That is not a reasonable amount of time to receive proper healthcare.  Answer: Agreed.  I know it’s difficult to get appointment with dermatologist in general. Should have probably received referral to another facility in order to be seen sooner. Again, if something about CampusCare doesn’t seem to be working, send CampusCare an e-mail for these kinds of situations. Raise the issues to Director Roger Carlson ( ); he will do his best to solve any issues.

UIC Counseling Center – Danielle Simmons, PhD, Staff Psychologist

  • Student fees pay for services through the Counseling Center.  Students can see a psychologist, psychiatrist, free of charge.  Can discuss any issue – relationship issues, anxiety, depression, stress, etc.  All receive confidential counseling services.  Hours of service and other contact info can be found online, Some hours are walk-in, some are by appointment.  If students are reluctant to go to counseling center; they can stop by during consultation hours; every Thursday 12-2 pm, at Commuter Student Resource Center.
  • Danielle Simmons ( ) can also be directly contacted for more info.
  • Question: How long does it take to have an appointment. Answer: About 1.5 – 2 weeks. They offer only short-term counseling.  Referrals may also be made to other doctors if necessary.
  • Question: What about emergency situations? Answer: Students should just walk-in for emergencies.  You can make an appointment on that day for emergencies, too.  You will not be sent away if you have an emergency.
  • Question: For relationship counseling, can we go as a couple?  If there is a fight, argument how can you solve this?  Answer: We offer mediator services and anger management services.

UIC Graduate College – Karen Colley, Dean & Theresa Christenson-Caballero, Visiting Asst. Director of Graduate Student Outreach and Career Development

  • UIC Grad College is working hard to provide academic, social, and professional programming.  Upcoming mentoring programs and social activities are outlined in the agenda.  Previous events have been well attended.  For the GSC-sponsored coffee hour; 70 students attended.  Students were able to meet with associate deans and other staff at the Grad College.  Grad College also presents programs around career development, financial planning, CV/abstract writing.  There will be an extended Q/A session with Dean Colley that GSC is organizing.
  • Question: Do you do anything for prelims? Answer: Not right now but it is a good idea.
  • Question: Advisors don’t let students go [to events].  Answer: Talk to Dean Colley directly, she will solve the issue.  If you want to go to these events, act quickly because they get filled up very quickly.
  • Question: If we cannot make it to one event, do you do it again? Answer: Yes, you will get wait-listed and can attend the second event.
  • Question: Is there an event calendar that we can follow? Answer: Yes, on the Graduate College website ( ).
  • Announcement: The Graduate College and GSC are co-sponsoring the Bowling Event on Nov 30th
  • If you have questions about GC events, please contact Theresa Christenson ( )

Alternative Spring Break – Anita Dave, President

  • Alternative Spring Break at UIC (ASB) is a student organization dedicated to heightening UIC students understanding of social justice issues.  We are known throughout the university as well as Chicago first and foremost for our service-learning trips. These trips send teams of students to work at ground-breaking social justice nonprofits across the country for a week during both Winter and Spring Break.
  • We encourage graduate students to apply and partake in these awesome adventures that focus on topics such as poverty, youth, empowerment, the environment, etc.
  • In past, ASB has also collaborated volunteering and service events with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Chicago Hot Chocolate Run, as well as many fundraising events. During the week of the spring break they send 100 people around the country for volunteering events.
  • Applications are now open!!  To find out more information about particular trips, click here.

SQuad Regardless – Damien Howard, Founder

  • SQuad is short for SQuadrupled; the four S’s stand for “Simple Strategies for Sustainable Success.”  We are a mentoring program seeking young adults to partner with teens in Chicago (, , ).  Please consider being a mentor.  People can contribute their skills, if they don’t have time to contribute to mentorship. Please contact Damien Howard for more information,
  • Question: If you choose to partner with the group, how much time you need to commit? Answer: One hour per week minimum. Depends on the risk; time commitment may go up if the teen is at high-risk

Information Tech Governance Council Update – Rajnish Kumar, GSC Rep, Computer Science (absent)

IRB and GSC logo Updates – Juan Martinez; GSC Rep, Sociology

  • IRB: “Un-green” practice of submitting several hard copies to IRB à need to move toward electronic submission process;
  • GSC Logo: Looking to put together a committee to create grad student logo à promotes solidarity among students
  • If you’d like to get involved with either issue, please contact Juan Martinez ( )

LAS Graduate Student Graduation; Joanna Thompson, GSC Rep, Criminology

  • Organizing grad students to investigate options to recognize the LAS graduate commencement in a way that is more meaningful and targeted toward grad students.  If you’d like to get involved, please contact Joanna Thompson ( )

Graduate Student Bill of Rights, Blake Garcia, GSC Rep, Public Administration

  • Seeking volunteers to form committee to review / revise UIC grad student bill of rights.  If you’d like to get involved, please Blake Garcia ( )

Officer Reports

  • President
    • Awaiting updates on SFAC meetings. Plans to raise student fees $16 per semester in order to fund new women’s soccer team.
    • Chancellor will host basketball game event for grad students on Feb 26, 2013.  Great social opportunity to meet with the Chancellor, make new friends!
    • Vice President:
      • Upcoming GSC activities: Bowling event on Nov 30th; social media workshop, Dec 6th; clothes sorting for donation next week
      • Secretary:
        • If you have suggestions on how to improve communications with students, please contact Qiana Woodson, .
        • Treasurer
          • Emails about travel awards have been sent out for Nov 1 – Jan 31 quarter; let Yash know if you haven’t received an email.
          • Project award application will be changed in the Spring.  GSC will now require an event flyer along with application.  DGS / department head will also need to sign applications.  GSC department reps must present the project on behalf of the project. The Grad listserve must be used to advertise events.

UIC GSC October 2012 Minutes

Student Services Building, Conference Rooms BC

Thursday, October 4, 2012

5:00 – 7:00 pm



Welcome / open call for urgent matters

  • No calls received from GSC reps


GSC Officer Reports

  • President
    • GSC has filled all 10 graduate student seats for the UIC Senate (  Students were elected via written ballot during the first Senate meeting on Sept 27, 2012.  The appointed graduate student senate representatives for this year are as follows:
      • Sigcho, Byron ’13
      • Hahn, Joshua ’13
      • Peiravi, Farid ’13
      • Blake, Garcia ’13
      • Pham, Thao ’13
      • Jalundhwal, Yash ’13
      • Korn, Jenny ’13
      • Bhat, Meghna ’13
      • Singhal, Puneet ’13
      • Diallo, Moriba ’13
  • Expansion of Spanish program was approved
  • UIC Student Fees Advisory Committee: Grad students pay fees for various services on campus.  The SFAC makes recommendations about how much student fees should be and how fee money should be sent.  These recommendations are subject to the final approval of the UIC Board of Trustees.  The committee represents all UIC students through the other UIC student governments and organizations, such as the GSC.  Grad students pay fees for various services on campus.  Updates will be given at the November GSC meeting.
  • If anyone has specific feedback or suggestions for GSC, please let us know.
  • Vice President
    • Several workshops and events are being planned through the end of the semester. Any suggestions for events, contact Engin.
      • Comment from the floor to provide more stress management events with the Wellness Center where students can “kick/punch things”
  • TBA: The Chancellor is planning to host approx. 50 graduate students at UIC basketball games in the spring.  Sponsorship will include the tickets to attend the game, t-shirts, and food.  GSC reps will be offered tickets first, then the offer will be extended to the general grad student population.  More information to come.
  • Secretary
  • GSC Facebook Page!


  • Treasurer
    • Gift card trivia: How are travel awards given?  Answer: travel awards are given throughout the year over four (4) quarters on a first come, first served basis.  Students apply for travel awards only within the quarter in which the conference/event takes place.
    • Gift card trivia: How do I claim my travel award?  Answer: once approved, students can bring receipts to Dean of Students office to complete other paperwork for reimbursement.  If conference is still pending at the time of approval, please let GSC executive board know.  Students have up to two (2) weeks to submit receipts to the Dean’s office.
    • Gift card trivia: How many awards will be given in the third and fourth quarters?  71 awards will be given in the third quarter (Nov 2012 – Jan 2013); 77 awards in the fourth quarter (Feb 2013 – Apr 2013)

GSC Committee Reports

  • Academic Committee
    • 10/18 career workshop, tentative; planning for speaker from industry to guide students on resume writing.
    • Soliciting 2nd yr grad student (masters level) to give advice to 1st yr students about how to go about preparing and writing thesis
    • GSC is partnering with the Graduate College to plan other academic, social events (see handout)
    • Service Committee
      • Stress mgt workshop on 10/4/12 went well. It was a GSC collaboration with the UIC Wellness Center. Students received real-life, practical advice and exercises to combat symptoms of stress.  GSC plans to host another session, possibly on west campus
      • There is a health and nutrition workshop in the works; another collaboration with the wellness center
      • Social Committee(Presented by Mehgna, Criminology)
        • Salsa night continues on Oct 24 from 8-10pm; Great opportunity to relax, socialize. different instructors coming, 1st hour includes free lessons.
        • GSCBowling Event in planning stages.  Will take place at student center east in Nov (prob nov 16).  Free food, bowling, all lanes reserved for event!
        • Upcominggraduate college events
          • GC coffee hour 10/4 @ 9-10:30am went well.  Event will be repeated in future, possibly on West campus
          • Trip to art institute on Wed Nov 7; free food, transportation; second trip to be planned later date – possibly a Saturday?
          • Rep comment: need to bring more GC events to west campus
          • Diversity Committee
            • Works closely with the UIC Chancellor Diversity Committees with planning and attending events and programs
          • Sustainability Committee
            • Clothes collection drive ongoing for past 2 weeks at student centers east and west.  Boxes of clothes will be picked up on Monday morning, so students can continue to donate through Sun night – going to salvation army.  Other possible charities to consider – AM vets?  Other ideas?
            • GSC is starting battery/electronics recycling program.  We need suggestions on where to place boxes (5 boxes initially with expectation of increasing number available on campus).  A list of acceptable equipment to be provided at later time.  Disposal of university property should be handled according to university policies.
          • Communications Committee
            • GSC is looking to create a mascot / icon to put on promotional items.  Juan Martinez to present on the topic (below)
            • Still seeking volunteers to assist with communications committee.
            • Rep Question (Jose Melendez) GSC needs to better enforce guidelines of the project award process, specifically in regards to applicants advertising funded events.  Suggestion: GSC should re-write application form to state that funding would be denied or withheld if event is not properly advertised
              • Treasurer (Yash) reply: currently GSC does not follow up to ensure that funded events are advertised, but has made changes to assign individuals to follow up with the project award process to ensure all steps are followed
              • GSC should amend the application process to state that students cannot present project proposals to GSC reps without having a flyer available
          • Finance Committee
            • Member of the finance committee will be assigned to follow up with each project award that has been funded through GSC
            • Committee is also reviewing which departments have received travel awards and the number of approved awards per department for previous years to ensure travel awards are more equally distributed across campus
            • Committee is looking to create more transparency for travel award process.  Working on process to help individuals know where they are on wait-list: status info will be organized by ID number on the GSC website.  Information will state “pending,” “approved,” or “waitlisted.” Applications are never closed once submitted, as monies may become available later in the year

Project Award Presentation

Meghna / Joanna (criminology)

  • The commencement ceremony for LAS (24+ departments within college, largest number of undergrad and grad students) is problematic for grad students.  Grad students don’t receive the recognition that other colleges are able to give.  We need solutions to time and space constraints during LAS commencement ceremonies. For example, only 4 tickets are available for LAS students, but other departments not limited in the number of family and friends students can invite.
  • Suggestions:
    • Do we need a separate ceremony for graduate students?? MS and PhD students are not recognized in the same way as other departments.
    • It would be nice to have speakers that are specific for grad students (current process is geared towards undergrads. very little attention granted for grad students)
    • We need to determine if logistics make this feasible – do we have the space, time, etc. to implement a new process for grad students?  This is a particularly important issue for out-of-town students because coming back to Chicago in the following year to participate in commencement may present as a hardship
    • We’re soliciting volunteers to distribute a survey to gauge interest from other students about how to reform the graduate student commencement process
      • A motion was put forth to move discussion to a committee that can continue to investigate options to recognize the LAS grad commencement in different way.  Survey for LAS students will be sent out at later date.

IRB Issues

Juan Martinez (Sociology) (powerpoint presentation)

  • “Un-green” practice of submitting several hard copies to IRB –> need to move toward electronic submission process; burden on researchers, particularly if out-of-state; difficulty in obtaining necessary signatures; printing costs
  • Suggestion: exploratory committee to work with IRB towards making app process more efficient and “green”
  • Volunteer committee members – neuroscience (antonia) & physics (ronnie?)

GSC Mascot??

Juan Martinez (Sociology) (powerpoint presentation)

  • WE need a GSC mascot!  Maybe sparky the dragon, “the flames”?
  • promotes grad solidarity and cool to do in free time
  • doesnt have to be related to the flames or sparky; Frazzled / Frazzy the dragon??
  • proposing exploratory committee to consider options; can look at suggestions from last year’s survey

Project Award Presentation

Michal Wilczewski, Windy City Graduate Student History conference

  • 50 panelists nationally, showcases research, acknowledges UIC and History department
  • Requesting $450 to cover costs of breakfast, lunch; $50 to offset costs of transportation, etc for speaker from U of Chicago
  • Event has received funding from GSC in previous years
  • Motion to vote: approved for funding by majority GSC reps

Graduate Student Bill of Rights

  • Seeking volunteers to form committee to review / revise UIC grad student bill of rights

Meeting adjourned

UIC GSC September 2012 Minutes

UIC GSC Meeting

Student Services Building, Conference Rooms BC

Thursday, September 13, 2012

5:00 – 7:00 pm



Welcome to the UIC Graduate Student Council 2012-2013!

GSC Representative Registration / Grad Student Committee Sign-Up

Speaker Introductions and Presentations

  • The Office of Student Affairs – Dean Linda Deanna, GSC Advisor/ Dean of Students
    • The Office of Student Affairs aims to provide a student-centered, learning environment that offers support, advocacy, and resources which contribute to student success.  The Office of the Dean of Students offers the following services for students:
      • Campus Liaison for Religious Workers Association
      • Student Advocacy Services
      • Student Conduct Process
      • Student Legal Services
      • Student Mediation Center
      • Student Ombuds Services
      • Student Governance Advising
      • Student Veteran Affairs
    • Contact information: 3030 Student Services Building, 1200 W. Harrison St., (312) 996-4857
  • University of Illinois Board of Trustees– Ken Thomas, UIC Student Trustee
    • Ken Thomas represents both undergrad and graduate students on the University of Illinois Board of Trustees.  He is also a member of the Academic and Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees.  As the governing body of the University, the Board of Trustees exercises jurisdiction in all matters except those for which it has delegated authority to the President of the University, other officers, or agencies of the University.
    • If you have any issues that you would like to communicate with the Board, please contact Ken Thomas via email at
  • UIC Senate– Elizabeth Dooley, Coordinator
    • The University of Illinois Statutes, Article II, Section 1, provide for a senate to be constituted at each campus of the University, to exercise legislative functions in matters of educational policy, such as requirements for admission to colleges and schools, requirements for degrees and certificates, and the academic calendar.
    • The Senate is currently seeking 10 graduate students to serve on the Senate Executive Committee.  There are also senate committee seats to be filled on the following committees.  Descriptions of the duties of each of the Senate Standing Committees is attached to the petition available at: Can also contact Elizabeth Dooley at edooley@uic.eduThe petitions should be submitted to the Senate Office by Friday, September 21.
      • Senate Executive Committee (2)
      • Senate Committee on Educational Policy (1)
      • Research Committee (2)
      • Budget, Planning and Priorities Committee (2)
      • Support Services Committee (2)
  • Student Leadership Development and Volunteer Services – Keith O’Neill, Assoc. Director
    • Provides students with comprehensive leadership and service programming that encourages and facilitates academic excellence and the development of increasingly advanced leadership skills and civic engagement through the promotion of self-awareness, responsible and active citizenship, intellectual growth, and cultural diversity.
    • Contact information: UIC Student Center East, Room 390, 750 South Halsted Street (M/C 330), Chicago, IL 60607; (312) 996-4500; email:
  • UIC Office of Career Services – Thy Nguyen, Director
    • The mission of the UIC Office of Career Services is to provide personalized services that assist UIC students and recent graduates in a process of self-assessment, career planning and preparation in order to facilitate lifetime career development and success.
    • Contact information: 3050 Student Services Building, 1200 W. Harrison St., (312) 996-2969
  • UIC Graduate Employee Organization – Elizabeth Sauer
    • The Graduate Employees Organization is the labor union that represents more than 1400 Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants at UIC. Through GEO, graduate employees at UIC negotiate directly with the UIC administration about tuition waivers, pay, workload limits, health benefits, paid time off, and much more. Run by an all-volunteer Steering Commitee, GEO is your voice at UIC.
    • Contact information: 815 W. Van Buren, Suite 203, Chicago, IL 60607;
  • Innovation Incubator –
    • Our mission is to bring people together to promote and support entrepreneurship and innovation.  Our purpose is to promote awareness of the resources available to the community and to help budding entrepreneurs create a viable business.
    • Contact information: 1240 West Harrison Street, Chicago ,IL 60607;; (773) 706-5057

GSC Officer Introductions and Committee Reports

  • See GSC website or handout for descriptions of each committee
  • Academic Committee
    • Workshops in development include career panels, CV/resume writing workshops, interviewing skills, OPT/CPT applications, etc.
  • Service Committee
    • Clothing drive scheduled for Sept 24-28. Collection boxes located at Student Centers East and West
  • Social Committee
    • Salsa Night was a huge hit! Will continue to host salsa events throughout the year.  Also planning for bowling event at end of the semester
  • Diversity Committee
    • Works closely with the UIC Chancellor Diversity Committees in planning and attending events and programs
  • Sustainability Committee
    • Working to initiative a recycling program for batteries and electronics across campus.
  • Communications Committee
    • Seeking volunteers to assist with cross-campus communication, publishing monthly newsletters, and creating greater visibility of GSC through promotional items
  • Finance Committee
    • Overview of approved budget for 2012-13 AY (see handout)
    • Presentation of travel and project award application process

Project Award Presentation

  • Bernie Issa, Spanish Basic Language Program
    • The 2012 UIC BilForm will be held October 4 and 5, 2012 at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The UIC BilForum is dedicated to research in any area related to bilingualism, including theoretical linguistics, code-switching, second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, neurolinguistics, cognitive sciences, heritage languages and bilingual acquisition.