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June 3 – Important deadline – CampusCare for Summer 2013

Summer Coverage will begin on May 20, 2013 and will end on August 15, 2013.


  • All students that are registered for the summer semester (4 and/or 8 week sessions) will be automatically enrolled and charged the CampusCare fee of $264 on their student account UNLESS they have already waived out in previous semesters.  Please check your student account to see all charges for your tuition and fees.

If you see the CampusCare charge of $264 on your student account this means you are a CampusCare member for the summer semester.


If you do not see a CampusCare charge on your student account, this means you are not a member of CampusCare and will not be charged in future semesters.  If you do not see the CampusCare charge on your account and would like to have CampusCare coverage for the summer, you can reinstate your coverage by going to on the bottom left-hand side of the website under online forms.  You will have to log in with your Net ID and Password and complete the reinstatement form.  

If you have other insurance coverage and want to waive out, add or drop dependents, please go to: click on the bottom left-hand side of the website under online forms and complete the applicable form.  It will take 3-5 business days to process your request and an email confirmation will be sent to you for your records.  Once you waive out of the CampusCare program you are waived out forever and do not have to continuously waive out in future semesters.

The final deadline to make any changes to your CampusCare Summer coverage is June 3, 2013.  Additional information about printing ID cards, locating physicians, benefits of the program, is available at:  

Be well and Stay Healthy!

-CampusCare Administration,

Phone: 312-996-4915



CampusCare Coverage Summer 2013

CampusCare coverage for Spring 2013 term will end on May 19, 2013.  Summer
coverage will begin on May 20, 2013 and will end on August 15, 2013 costs
$264 for student coverage. 

All students not taking Summer classes or are graduating but have CampusCare
coverage for this Spring 2013 term can continue CampusCare coverage through
August 15, 2013. You MUST complete the Summer Continuation Form online by
clicking on the link on the bottom left-hand side of the website
<>  Once you
log onto the secured system with your Net ID and Password, the forms will
appear.  It will take 3-5 business days to process the Summer Continuation
Form after submitting it online.  We will charge your student account $264
for the summer CampusCare fee and also send you an email confirmation for
your records.

The online form MUST be completed for all dependents (children, spouse) in
order to continue their coverage through the summer. **Only dependents that
are covered during the Spring 2013 term can have coverage through the Summer
term if the student is not registering for courses. If your dependents were
not covered during the Spring 2013 term, we will not accept dependents for
students who are continuing summer coverage but not registering for classes.
The only exceptions are newborns, new marriages and civil unions. There will
be additional charge on your student account for your dependents. Please
view the Fees and Important Dates section on the webpage for a listing of
fees for the program.  

All students registering for the Summer term, either 4 or 8 week Summer
Session, without an approved waiver on file, will be automatically enrolled
into CampusCare and charged the Summer fee of $264. 

If you have other insurance coverage and want to waive out, add or drop
dependents, go to:  <> click on online forms link on bottom left side of
page and complete the applicable form. It will take 3-5 business days to
process your request and an email confirmation will be sent to you for your
records.  Once you waive out of the CampusCare program you are waived out
forever and do not have to continuously waive out in future semesters.

The final deadline to make any changes to your CampusCare coverage for the
Summer term is June 3, 2013.  Additional information about printing ID
cards, locating and making physician appointments and benefits of the
program is available at:  <>  

Be well and Stay Healthy!

Deadline Feb 10 – Spring 2013 CampusCare Benefits Change Period

UPDATE Jan 15, 2013:

Welcome to CampusCare!

According to University policy, all registered students are automatically enrolled into CampusCare, the Student Health Benefit Program. The CampusCare fee of $401 is automatically charged to your student account.  Please view your student account bill to view your charges for the spring 2013 semester.  If you see the $401 charge you are a member of CampusCare.  If you do not see a $401 charge or if you see -$401 you have successfully waived out of CampusCare and are not a member of the program.

If you are covered by another full medical insurance plan, for example through your parents or an employer, you can waive out of CampusCare. The ONLY way to waive out is by completing an online waiver form at The online form is located at the bottom left side of the website.  You will need your Net ID and password to log on.  Once logged on, you will need your medical insurance information to input on the waiver form. Once you successfully waive out, you do not have to complete a waiver form every semester as you are waived out for the entire duration you are a registered student.

If you want to add or remove your spouse and/or child(ren), you must go to the website and complete the dependent enrollment form or the dependent disenrollment forms for each dependent.  If your dependent was already covered in the Fall semester, they will automatically carry over for the Spring semester.  To verify your dependent membership, go to your student bill and see the additional charges for your dependents.

Once you complete any of the online forms, an automated email confirmation will be sent to your email address you provided on the form.  Please allow 5-10 business days to process your application and to see your credit on your bill statement.

All online forms must be submitted before FEBRURAY 10, 2013!  If you do not complete the online forms before this date you will NOT be able to make any changes to your CampusCare membership or receive any credits to your student account until the next semester.

Please disregard this email, if you already waived out and have a confirmation email from us!

Go to to view your benefits, print your ID Cards, locate a physician and much more!

We look forward to serving you,

CampusCare Administration


UIC GSC November Minutes

Student Services Building, Conference Rooms BC

Thursday, November 1, 2012

5:00 – 7:00 pm



Welcome, President Bryon Sigcho


University of Illinois Board of Trustees Updates – Ken Thomas, UIC Student Trustee

  • Student Trustee met with members of Congress in Washington, DC concerning financial aid, graduate student loans. (In July 2012 subsidized grad loan interest rates were cut.)  The Dream Act, SB.95 ( ) was also discussed.
  • UIC Student Success Plan: UIC focusing on making students’ success priority
  • Student Legal Services Committee report: UIC is hiring a new attorney by the end of the month. Services available for any issue – parking tickets to criminal offense.  Students can access the legal services on campus free of charge.
  • Finance Committee report: Tuition increases will remain in tune with inflation rates.  If state support to UIC continues to decrease, then tuitions are going up.  UIC is however attempting to keep tuition rate increases at 2-3% versus 5%.  Last year, College of Medicine proposed out-of-state student rate increase at 21% originally; it was later decreased to only 3%.  This year, College of Pharmacy out-of-state tuition rate was proposed at 18% over one year, but it will be held at 6% with expected sources of increased financial aid support. May still increase toward 18% over the next few years.
  • If you have any issues that you would like to communicate with the UIC Board of Trustees, please contact Ken Thomas via email at

UIC CampusCare Updates – Roger Carlson, Director

  • New CampusCare Benefits for Fall 2012!  Changes with CampusCare reflect changes in federal healthcare reform.  CampusCare is a self-funded, university-based student health benefits program, not an insurance company. Thus, CampusCare is not required to follow all changes presented by federal healthcare reform, but we implement some policies to make the plan more attractive.  For example, in 2014 insurance companies will go to limitless max coverage, but CampusCare cannot go with that.  Otherwise, premiums have to be increased.  Also, CampusCare did not comply with covering contraceptives, as that would necessitate an increase in premiums.
    • Dependents – Dependents are now covered through age 26 if still in school (Previously, dependents covered only up to age 19)
    • ER Claims – Now have outside independent appeal process for emergency room claims, if any situation comes up that needs to be reviewed
    • Mental Health Services – Mental Health Parity Law states insurance providers must now provide same level of service for both mental and physical health. Thus co-payments within CampusCare are now the same.  Previously, mental health services were $100 co-payment for inpatient services, with $0 inpatient co-payment for medical services.  Now all students pay $50 co-payment for either service.
    • Preventive Health – Annual preventative exams now covered for free, as outlined by government. If routine exam is not part of annual, there may be a co-pay.
    • Vision – Annual preventative vision exam now free through UIC Opthamalogy Dept. Appts taken via phone. Discounts on eyeglasses, etc. available.
    • Dental – Discounted dental services available as well.
    • ER out-of-network costs – In past, ER out-of-network visits were only covered in life-threatening emergencies.  Students are still encouraged to go to ER if they feel ill; however, students may now be responsible for up to 30% of ER costs in non-life threatening situations if student goes to an out-of-network hospital.  If at all possible (and illness is not life-threatening), students should come to UIC or one of the nine Advocate Health system hospitals in Chicago to avoid extra out-of-network costs
    • Question: Are these hospitals listed clearly somewhere on CampusCare website? Answer: Yes – they include South Suburban (Hazel Crest), Trinity (Chicago), Illinois Masonic (Chicago), Christ (Oak Lawn), Good Samaritan (Downers Grove), Lutheran General (Park Ridge), Condell (Libertyville), Good Shepard (Barrington), Rockford Memorial (Rockford), and Methodist (Peoria). UIC is trying to provide a network where students don’t have to be responsible for extra costs.
    • Question: If a student really is not able to go to the in-network sites, is there a way to appeal and still have CampusCare pay for emergency room costs? Answer: All claims get paid no matter what, but if you go outside of network, you can be responsible for up to 30% of costs.  Your percentage may be discounted but it is not guaranteed.  There are various ways to handle bills, and we will work with students as best as possible.
    • Question: For non-emergency visits, is there a list of hospitals? Answer: CampusCare is provided basically only at UIC Hospital.  Generally, the usual customary (U/C) fees for out-of-network services include a co-payment plus a 70/30 split of costs, with the CampusCare plan covering 70% and student covering 30% of claim.  For ex. with $1000 bill, the student is  responsible for $50 copay and $300 of bill.  For in-network services, CampusCare program will pay 100% of usual customary fees. There is $500,000 lifetime maximum provided by CampusCare, but there is nobody that have reached that limit in 5-10 years of program.
    • Question: I’ve experienced difficulties in scheduling appointments.  Would there be any coverage for out-of-network visits if a student cannot get an appointment at UIC?  Answer: If there is an urgent situation, you will be given an appointment quickly.  Dr Patrick Tranmer, Director, Dept of Family Medicine ( ), or Roger Carlson, Director, CampusCare, ( ) can be e-mailed directly if there is a problem
    • Question: What is the maximum prescription coverage? Answer: $2500. Very few – less than 70 students – go over the max every year.  Thus we have to balance raising the maximum for all students to cover the needs of a few.  Some students choose to purchase meds at Walmart instead of coming to UIC in order to avoid reaching the max.
    • Question: I went to the primary care physician to schedule appointment, which took more than two weeks.  Then the doctor referred me to a Dermatologist and that appointment took more than 6 weeks. In total, it took more than 2 months to find out what was wrong.  That is not a reasonable amount of time to receive proper healthcare.  Answer: Agreed.  I know it’s difficult to get appointment with dermatologist in general. Should have probably received referral to another facility in order to be seen sooner. Again, if something about CampusCare doesn’t seem to be working, send CampusCare an e-mail for these kinds of situations. Raise the issues to Director Roger Carlson ( ); he will do his best to solve any issues.

UIC Counseling Center – Danielle Simmons, PhD, Staff Psychologist

  • Student fees pay for services through the Counseling Center.  Students can see a psychologist, psychiatrist, free of charge.  Can discuss any issue – relationship issues, anxiety, depression, stress, etc.  All receive confidential counseling services.  Hours of service and other contact info can be found online, Some hours are walk-in, some are by appointment.  If students are reluctant to go to counseling center; they can stop by during consultation hours; every Thursday 12-2 pm, at Commuter Student Resource Center.
  • Danielle Simmons ( ) can also be directly contacted for more info.
  • Question: How long does it take to have an appointment. Answer: About 1.5 – 2 weeks. They offer only short-term counseling.  Referrals may also be made to other doctors if necessary.
  • Question: What about emergency situations? Answer: Students should just walk-in for emergencies.  You can make an appointment on that day for emergencies, too.  You will not be sent away if you have an emergency.
  • Question: For relationship counseling, can we go as a couple?  If there is a fight, argument how can you solve this?  Answer: We offer mediator services and anger management services.

UIC Graduate College – Karen Colley, Dean & Theresa Christenson-Caballero, Visiting Asst. Director of Graduate Student Outreach and Career Development

  • UIC Grad College is working hard to provide academic, social, and professional programming.  Upcoming mentoring programs and social activities are outlined in the agenda.  Previous events have been well attended.  For the GSC-sponsored coffee hour; 70 students attended.  Students were able to meet with associate deans and other staff at the Grad College.  Grad College also presents programs around career development, financial planning, CV/abstract writing.  There will be an extended Q/A session with Dean Colley that GSC is organizing.
  • Question: Do you do anything for prelims? Answer: Not right now but it is a good idea.
  • Question: Advisors don’t let students go [to events].  Answer: Talk to Dean Colley directly, she will solve the issue.  If you want to go to these events, act quickly because they get filled up very quickly.
  • Question: If we cannot make it to one event, do you do it again? Answer: Yes, you will get wait-listed and can attend the second event.
  • Question: Is there an event calendar that we can follow? Answer: Yes, on the Graduate College website ( ).
  • Announcement: The Graduate College and GSC are co-sponsoring the Bowling Event on Nov 30th
  • If you have questions about GC events, please contact Theresa Christenson ( )

Alternative Spring Break – Anita Dave, President

  • Alternative Spring Break at UIC (ASB) is a student organization dedicated to heightening UIC students understanding of social justice issues.  We are known throughout the university as well as Chicago first and foremost for our service-learning trips. These trips send teams of students to work at ground-breaking social justice nonprofits across the country for a week during both Winter and Spring Break.
  • We encourage graduate students to apply and partake in these awesome adventures that focus on topics such as poverty, youth, empowerment, the environment, etc.
  • In past, ASB has also collaborated volunteering and service events with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Chicago Hot Chocolate Run, as well as many fundraising events. During the week of the spring break they send 100 people around the country for volunteering events.
  • Applications are now open!!  To find out more information about particular trips, click here.

SQuad Regardless – Damien Howard, Founder

  • SQuad is short for SQuadrupled; the four S’s stand for “Simple Strategies for Sustainable Success.”  We are a mentoring program seeking young adults to partner with teens in Chicago (, , ).  Please consider being a mentor.  People can contribute their skills, if they don’t have time to contribute to mentorship. Please contact Damien Howard for more information,
  • Question: If you choose to partner with the group, how much time you need to commit? Answer: One hour per week minimum. Depends on the risk; time commitment may go up if the teen is at high-risk

Information Tech Governance Council Update – Rajnish Kumar, GSC Rep, Computer Science (absent)

IRB and GSC logo Updates – Juan Martinez; GSC Rep, Sociology

  • IRB: “Un-green” practice of submitting several hard copies to IRB à need to move toward electronic submission process;
  • GSC Logo: Looking to put together a committee to create grad student logo à promotes solidarity among students
  • If you’d like to get involved with either issue, please contact Juan Martinez ( )

LAS Graduate Student Graduation; Joanna Thompson, GSC Rep, Criminology

  • Organizing grad students to investigate options to recognize the LAS graduate commencement in a way that is more meaningful and targeted toward grad students.  If you’d like to get involved, please contact Joanna Thompson ( )

Graduate Student Bill of Rights, Blake Garcia, GSC Rep, Public Administration

  • Seeking volunteers to form committee to review / revise UIC grad student bill of rights.  If you’d like to get involved, please Blake Garcia ( )

Officer Reports

  • President
    • Awaiting updates on SFAC meetings. Plans to raise student fees $16 per semester in order to fund new women’s soccer team.
    • Chancellor will host basketball game event for grad students on Feb 26, 2013.  Great social opportunity to meet with the Chancellor, make new friends!
    • Vice President:
      • Upcoming GSC activities: Bowling event on Nov 30th; social media workshop, Dec 6th; clothes sorting for donation next week
      • Secretary:
        • If you have suggestions on how to improve communications with students, please contact Qiana Woodson, .
        • Treasurer
          • Emails about travel awards have been sent out for Nov 1 – Jan 31 quarter; let Yash know if you haven’t received an email.
          • Project award application will be changed in the Spring.  GSC will now require an event flyer along with application.  DGS / department head will also need to sign applications.  GSC department reps must present the project on behalf of the project. The Grad listserve must be used to advertise events.

GSC CampusCare Committee Vote

The GSC CampusCare Committee has been working hard in collaboration with the Undergraduate Student Government, GEO, and incoming Student Trustee Ken Thomas to put together a request for information and transparency from CampusCare.

GSC Representatives have been sent an email with the following information asking for their support in voting to signing the GSC name to this letter:

GSC colleagues,

On behalf of the GSC CampusCare Committee, I am asking you to approve a joint letter ( ) asking CampusCare to improve transparency and communication.

This letter was authored by representatives of our GSC CampusCare Committee, the Undergraduate Student Government, Ken Thomas (who is the incoming student member of the Board of Trustees), and GEO staff, and it has been approved by a “yes” vote within the GSC CampusCare Committee. We propose to send this to the relevant administrators as soon as we can, if a larger GSC vote approves it. Time is of the essence, so we cannot wait for next month’s GSC meeting, but we apologize for bothering you between meetings like this.

We are asking you to electronically vote within the next 5 days. Each and every vote is very important and time is a major factor with potential Spring Break distractions. Finally, we have proposed a yes/no vote on this letter without amendments or additions, because other groups are also voting on it as is, and we need to avoid confusion.

This letter passed the USG unanimously and it also passed the GEO steering committee after GEO reps helped to put it together with the other groups.

Thank you for your time and effort!

Sincerely yours, Stephen Davis, GSC CampusCare Committee member

Please vote here (current UIC Graduate Student Council representatives only):


We want the GSC Representatives to read the letter and vote online before March 23rd.   As a way to voice your ideas, concerns, suggestions, thoughts, etc., we have started this blog post.  Please feel free to comment on the letter if you choose.  We welcome your thoughts!