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Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) Meeting Notes – 7/7/15

  • Town Hall meeting some time in fall to talk about diversity
    • Will be put on through the Office of Diversity and the DAC
  • “Where human differences are embraced.” Is in UIC diversity statement
    • Trying to figure out what diversity means
    • Access, equity, and inclusion seem to be a part of that definition at UIC
    • Needs to take into consideration experience
  • Fall 2014 Undergraduate Enrollment
    • Still collecting data on LGBTQ staff, students, and faculty (working group collecting data)
    • 51-52% of undergrad at UIC are Pell eligible
    • Family income correlates with ACT/SAT scores
      • High School GPA and AP credits earned help correlate to college success
    • Need to use better data on students (not just ACT/SAT scores to help predict student success)
    • Already looking into planning for Fall ‘16
    • Only a few colleges are accepting late to enroll admissions (these are not necessarily late admission applicants)
    • Enrollment growth actually helps deal with budget issues
    • Largest class ever past few years, relatively diverse
    • There is a large transfer population (last year, we were actually named a transfer-dependent institution)
  • Fall 2014 Permanent Staff
    • 68% of faculty are white
    • Overrepresentation of blacks and Latinos in Academic Professional and Civil Service positions (staff, not faculty)
    • Difficult to hire underrepresented faculty…but why?
  • Campus Culture
    • Monoculturalist (assimilationist)
    • Compliant (numbers-based)
    • Multicultural (still ignores some differences)
    • Inclusive (actually embraces and accommodates differences
      • UIC needs to be difference-accommodating rather than difference-disregarding
      • Difference-accommodating can mean giving others more resources or changing the whole situation/structure
      • But can say…”From now on, things will be more accommodating…”
    • Campus Diversity Priorities
      • Strengthen diversity infrastructure (having the same people on different committee poses a problem in terms of having different perspectives)
      • Promote equity and inclusion
      • Expand frontiers of knowledge
      • Enhance community engagement (mutually beneficial)
        • Need for diversity training and systems of accountability
        • Diversity Dashboard – has been developed
        • 2012 Climate Survey information will be shared at fall town hall
          • May want to do another survey?
        • The questions become: What do we do with all of this? How do we proceed?
      • Updates on Leadership Search and Budget
        • U of I will be starting a strategic plan through the Board of Trustees
        • Only update on budget is there may be a salary plan
        • 10-15% is the possible cut, but still no news
        • Vice Chancellor of Health Affairs – Airport interviews complete (12 completed)
        • Provost – Airport interviews in August

GEO Trans*/Queer Caucus Meeting Notes – 6/30 and 7/12

June 30th – Present: Andrea, Shay, Joanna, Liz T., Amy (GEO staff), and Liz S. (GEO staff)

1) Report back from bargaining

  • Terrible response from university. Came in saying “let’s provide some education.”
  • Discussed the difference between sex, gender, gender identity, and gender expression and provided cases of people’s experiences. Administration said we don’t need the different identities to be listed.
  • Misgendered Caitlyn Jenner multiple times, which was unnecessary.
  • Marilyn, the main administrator, has done Gender and Sexuality Center Safe Zone training, but does not seem like it. She claims that people need ‘education’ not coverage/protection in contract.
  • Discussion about protection from discrimination: sexual harassment, disabilities (both physical and mental). Marilyn pulled out a horrible example of “what if I have a mental disability where I have sexual fantasies and act on them? Will that protect me?”
  • There is some hope around gender neutral language.
  • Also, the Gender and Sexuality Center is looking at university-wide non-discrimination language and updating it.
  • Timeline for this? 3-6 months? Then it’s possible we could set aside the non discrimination language for the time being.
  • Who handles this change?

2) Work on Trans*/Queer Student Resource Guide

  • To do:
  • Workplace protections
  • Community resources
  • On-Campus Resources
  • A pronoun guide has been created and will be creating something about history and importance
  • Intersectionality
  • Call out to get info from people on personal LGBTQ experiences at UIC
  • Include a calendar of events?
  • Gender and Sexuality Center will be starting up poster campaign for bathrooms

July 12th – Present: Liz T., Shay, Amy (GEO staff), Liz S. (GEO staff)

  • Intersectionality and labor union history sections for resource guide are complete (might want to also look into book called “Steel Closets” about LGBTQ steel workers written by former visiting professor at UIC)
  • Research Forum: Departments and colleges may have their own research forums; will mention about encouraging queer research at UIC
  • Pronoun guide is complete along with a supplement (mostly for people who don’t know anything about preferred pronouns)
  • What should the rest of the 101 guide be like?
  • Provide guidelines for TA’s: Follow people’s pronouns/ask for preferred pronouns; provide link to the chart regarding sex, gender, gender identity, and gender expression terminology.
  • Also working on finalizing PDFs to use for for name changes and NetID name change
  • Trying to have the final guide ready by August 10th
  • NEXT MEETING: Week of August 3rd to finalize the guide