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Notes: CUPPA Meeting (1/28/2014)



(Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Dean Pagano, and a Project Manager were present)

  • SE quadrant of building declared unsafe, temporary work to be done in the next 2 weeks that will make the whole building safe – the 5th Floor will still remain unused as that is a part of the SE quadrant
    • All windows need to be replaced (this work will be expedited and hopes to be done by middle of summer)
    • Rest of building would be done by fall, but there is no accurate report of just what needs to be done to the building, only know ¾ of the building needs to be fixed
    • The building still may not be completely habitable, even though it was declared safe
  • Decision to move is up to faculty and deans and the final decision is ultimately up to Dean Pagano on deciding where to move
    • Dean Pagano made it clear all academic programs want to stay as close together as possible
  • Three Options for Moving:
    • Stay in CUPPA
    • SSR on West Campus: Dorms will be converted in offices
      • Semester Express shuttle hours would be extended to help transport people back and forth
    • SSB on East Campus: Only has space for about 40 people, which is a problem since about 140 people need to be relocated
    • A combination of these options would have to be used
  • 54 offices are affected, 14 deans offices, all of IRRPP and GCI and all staff for CUPPA
    • IRRPP and GCI (Great Cities Initiative) are moving to South Campus
  • If any further moving happens, it would not happen until March 1st
  • Classes would and could still be offered in CUPPA
  • There is space on West Campus for classes as well
    • Administration, faculty, and deans on West Campus would need to know the needs of CUPPPA students, staff, and faculty in order to better accommodate them
    • From the students, there is the question of will labs on the West Campus be shared with other West Campus students or be strictly for CUPPA? Will they be accessible 24/7?
  • As long as AAH stays open, labs and classrooms can be converted
  • Administration is encouraging students to talk to faculty who will then speak to Dean Pagano
  • GEO pointed out it is a clear contract violation for TA’s and GA’s to move them away from CUPPA because it is a violation of working conditions
  • 2009: Vice-Chancellor’s report on masonry of perimeter of building was completed to start work on the building
    • A full engineering report has not been done yet, but has been approved
    • This full engineering report may be done within the next 30 days (which includes looking at beams, cracks, etc.)
  • There is no timeline on a structural report and when that will be completed
  • IDOT is installing machines in the building to help assess any further damage
    • However, these machines are disruptive as well (one class last week had to be stopped due to noise and vibrations)
    • IDOT is trying to claim the problem is not their fault and the building was already faulty before they started construction
  • Gislason – Renting space at 310 S. Peoria is NOT AN OPTION (there is no insurance reimbursement, school has no money, etc.) and any other details have been chosen not to be shared
    • Some in the audience mentioned trying to FOIA any e-mails and paperwork to see if there is information not being shared
    • If the departments decide to use their own money to lease space off-campus, then that is ok
    • The Board of Trustees do have the ultimate power to allow the University to lease off-campus space, but it is highly unlikely that will happen
  • Issues with CUPPA building have been escalating for years and students have stressed a long-term plan is needed, no more temporary quick-fixes
  • CUPPA alumni in the audience shared they are worried about the situation of the CUPPA building for current and future students
  • Return of student differentials is still being discussed
    • Dean Pagano: 1/3 of the tuition differentials are used towards 85% of staff and faculty salaries, along with other funds needed for the college so they cannot really be refunded
  • Accreditation of the programs in CUPPA will not be affected, they have already been reaccredited and still have 3-6 years left until having to reapply
  • Dean Pagano – “It’s on the campus to be supportive.”

Notes: People’s State of the Union at the gender and Sexuality Center (1/28/2014)

  • A national event sponsored by the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture, which is not a real government department, but has been thought of being created
  • The event was comprised of people engaging in “Story Circles,” where facilitators would allow people to share a story based on three prompted questions:
    • Tell a story about a moment you felt true belonging—or the opposite—in this country or in your community
    • Describe an experience that showed you something new or important about the state of our union
    • Share about a time you stood together with people in your community
  • Everyone’s stories were recorded and transcribed so they could be sent to the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture so this group could find themes to compare and contrast to the President’s State of the Union address
    • These themes will then be performed through an art-based poetic event in New York City and will be streamed live online on Sunday, February 1st

Notes: GEO Trans*/Queer Caucus Meeting (1/27/2014)

  • Another meeting with doctors of health care system has yet to be planned, may not be until March
  • There may be impending changes in CampusCare and issues with recertification of CampusCare
  • New hires (a psychologist and a few doctors) actually have little experience with trans* and queer patients, which adds to the problem
  • A collaboration with the Gender and Sexuality Center is still in the works as we are unsure of what their agenda really is in working with us
    • The Gender and Sexuality Center is gathering data on sexual identity and sexual orientation in admissions applications in order to “gain more funding” for LGBTQ programs at UIC – The implications of this data could be more negative than positive
  • Black and Pink meet-up is being planned for Saturday, February 28th
    • Around 2pm, Gallery 400 is a potential location
    • Specific information will be given out soon

General GEO TA/GA Bargaining Issues

  • Preparing for impending budget cuts next school year
  • Trying to get a GEO member on the Student Advisory Fee Committee as there has never been a GEO member on that board before
  • There is a recent issue about new university hires (including TA’s and GA’s) being subjected to “volunteer” criminal background checks – the bargaining committee will look into this further


  • Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 10th at 3pm, GEO Office

Reminder: GSC General Meeting, 02/05/2014 @ Student Services Building, Conference Rooms B-C

Solving Problems/ Navigating the System

Dear Graduate Students,

You are intivted to

The Graduate Student Council’s General Meeting

When : February 5th, 2014, 5-7 pm

Where: Student Services Building, Confernce Rooms B-C

Dinner will be served

•Chef’s Garden salad with ranch and balsamic vinaigrette
•Delhi style chicken curry
•Dal and Spinach curry
•Basmati rice and Naan

Notes from GSC Social Meeting (01/22/2014)



Letter writing to Engineering Donor

Update: Student trustee Danielle has been working on this issue; believes donor is rethinking decision now.

Letter writing to Governor Rauner

One representative brought up great point: we originally said we would write a letter about the importance of appointing trustees; however, based on the timing of this letter, we have shifted its focus to educational funding (especially for infrastructure, like CUPPA) and inviting him to engage in dialogue with UIC students.

Letter writing to Incoming Leadership

Planning Lobby Day: April 15

GEO and GSC join to get a bus?

letter writing campaign, in conjunction with Marissa McCord of

Biomedical Visualization Graduate Students – connect with Faculty Senate and HPSC on working with medical researchers

Request for GSC to post minutes of our meetings and events in addition to agendas

CUPPA (see CUPPA document) CUPPA Issues, Unfolding

Summary of Issue:

Over the course of nearby construction, a crack was found in CUPPA Hall, and the building will not be accessible to CUPPA faculty and grad students during repairs.

Faculty looked into options, wanted to lease nearby space; administration said we could not cover costs of leasing off-university space. Proposed compromise: more or less move CUPPA to residence hall on West campus.

Impacts 45 Doctoral students

Graduate students feel their educations are being compromised.

Point of contact: Sarah Cooper, GSC rep and president of College of Urban Planning PhD Students (CUPPS)


Highlights: GSC Bowling Party FALL 2014


Grad Students in line for the Pizza


GSC President: Dianne planning on a strike!



Waiting for the Pizza!!


GSC Chair of Social Committee: Khushboo!


GSC Secretary: Vineeth in Action!





















UIC Office of Sustainability: Become an EcoRep!



Are you Eco-minded?
Are you a leader in efficiency?
Do you enjoy finding out what others are doing to “green” their workplaces?

Become an EcoRep!

The EcoRep program is now open to all interested faculty, staff, and
graduate students.
Join us at one of our two Open Call Meetings.

East Campus:  Tuesday 2/10/2015 @ 11:00 AM @ AACC
West Campus:  Thursday 2/12/2015 10:00 AM @ location TBD

EcoReps work within their unit/department to disseminate information on
how to support sustainability initiatives on campus.

The Office of Sustainability coordinates initiatives on campus that bring
UIC towards greater social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Contact Kate Yoshida (<> or 5-0089)
to rsvp or ask a question.