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Jan 29 – ASB Fundraising opportunity!

Hi everyone!

We will be having our first bake sale on Wednesday, January 29th from 9-4pm in the Burnham Hall lobby. 😀

You can either sign up to volunteer at the sale for an hour or donate some home-baked goods. Each is worth one fundraising credit. If you do both, you can receive two credits! Further details are on the spreadsheet. Please sign up and help us raise some money for our spring trips! 🙂

Sign up to help in any way here:

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Thank you!

Liz Garcia and Allyson Joyce


Jan 16 – Winter Biking Event!

Are you ready to battle Mr. Freeze? Join the Office of Sustainability and West Town Bikes tomorrow inside

the Student Center East to learn all about winter biking. No need to ride your bike to the workshop- just bring yourself and we will teach you all the tips and tools you need to be a rockstar to bike in the Chicago winter. We will have prizes and free reflective tape to all that attend!

The event is FREE but space is limited, if you haven’t done so already, please RSVP to lsanze1

Date: Thursday, January 16
Time: 12 pm – 1 pm
Place: Commuter Student Resource Center, 2nd Floor of SCE. To find the CSRC, please see

Spring 2014 – Statistical Software Workshops

Statistical Software Workshops – Spring 2014

ACCC is offering hands-on, applied-learning workshops for SAS & SPSS. All workshops are free and will be held in Student Center East (SCE) Room 408 or Benjamin Goldberg Research Center (BGRC) Room 105B.

Introduction to SAS & SPSS:

• Mon 01/27, 12pm-3:00pm | Intro-to-SAS (SCE 408)
• Tue 01/28, 9am-12:00pm | Intro-to-SAS (BGRC 105B)
• Mon 02/03, 12pm-3:00pm | Intro-to-SPSS (SCE 408)
• Tue 02/04, 9am-12:00pm | Intro-to-SPSS (BGRC 105B)

Linear Multiple Regression and Intro-to-Data-Management:

• Tue 02/11, 9am-12:00pm | SAS (BGRC 105B)
• Wed 02/12, 9am-12:00pm | SPSS (BGRC 105B)

Cleaning Dirty Data:

• Tue 02/18, 9am-12:00pm | SAS (BGRC 105B)
• Wed 02/19, 9am-12:00pm | SPSS (BGRC 105B)

One-Way Analysis of Variance:

• Tue 02/25, 9am-12:00pm | SAS (BGRC 105B)
• Wed 02/26, 9am-12:00pm | SPSS (BGRC 105B)

Please visit stats.