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TODAY Dec 11 – Apply for an ASB trip!

**Please contact with any questions concerning this trip!**

Hello Everyone,

Alternative Spring Break has an open spot for a driver (anyone who is 21 or over) for their trip to Joplin, Missouri to help with Rebuild Joplin during winter break (December 14th-December 21st). More details for the trip are on our website, asbuic with any questions! We would like to do a 15 minute over the phone interview just to make sure you’re qualified 😀 We really hope that you apply because it’ll be memories that will last a lifetime, and your helping out a great cause!

We look forward to hearing from you,

Allyson Joyce & Liz Garcia,


Dec 11 – CCSW Student Concerns Subcommittee Thinglink Workshop & Lunch

The Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women’s (CCSW) Student

Concerns Subcommittee Invites you to the Thinglink Tec Workshop TODAY, Wednesday December 11th, from 12-1 at the Student Services Building Suite
3040 – Office of Career Services.

Life gets busy for all of us. So we would like to make our CCSW student concern meeting time as productive as possible. In December, we will take
a break during finals week for a lunch and a Thinglink tech workshop. Thinglink allows users to create interactive images that can link to videos, sound recordings, or any web content. We will use this great tool to bring to life all of the great resources available for women
students across campus at UIC. During the session we will learn the
basics of the Thinglink and create a series of interactive images for for
use on the CCSW website and social media. You don’t have to be techy or know all of the resources- all women students are invited to participate.

If you have a laptop or tablet, please bring it to the session.

Even if you have to come late or leave early, come!

Please RSVP to Jaime Madison Vasquez @ jaimemadisonvasquez, So we have enough food!

Please See Attached Flyer for more information!

CCSW Thinglink Workshop Flyer.pdf


Dec 6 (TODAY!) GSC Bowling Party

Chicago Metropolitan Exchange Program


I would like to remind you of the Metropolitan Exchange Program between UIC,
Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago. This program is
intended to allow UIC PhD students to take advantage of unique course
offerings at the other institutions with the charges for the hours at the
UIC rates (and covered by tuition waivers, if applicable).

Masters students may participate only If the host institution allows
masters-level students to take the course(s) in question. This varies by
school, and in many cases, on the individual course or department.

Prior approvals are needed at both the home and host campuses. For contact
information and procedures see

Steven Kragon
Executive Assistant Dean
Graduate College (MC 192)
601 S Morgan Street, 600 UH
Chicago, IL 60607-7106
Ph: 312-413-2560 Fax: 312-413-0185 <>