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Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

Fathers Who Care (FWC) is currently seeking volunteers or interns to serve as grant writers, social workers, and webmasters. Please contact Rev. Walter Jones regarding these service opportunities.

Fathers Who Care (FWC) is a comprehensive, parental involvement, social service initiative located in Chicago’s  West Garfield neighborhood. Fathers Who Care was originally founded to provide an educational and nurturing environment for custodial and non-custodial fathers to build paternal social skills and enhance paternal- child relationships. Fathers Who Care continues to provide services to fathers and endeavors to empower youth within the community. FWC empowers youth through the provision of mentoring, drug and violence prevention initiatives, and opportunities for community advocacy and employment. ( Website: )

Fathers Who Care

4540 W. Washington Blvd.

Chicago, Illinois 60624

Office: (773) 287-5821/ Fax: (773) 287-5853



GSC March 2013 Meeting Recap

GSC Monthly Meeting Minutes                                3/14/13


  • UIC Daley Library Services: Jay Lambrecht, Associate University Librarian
    • Planning to pilot 10AM daily opening
    • Contact executive committee with other concerns
    • 24 hour access during finals week Apr 24-May 5 and until midnight prior and following weekend
    • Research guides, research tools for grad students lists library resources. Library has liaisons assigned to disciplines for more assistance. By request library can create research tool page for graduate students in a discipline.
    • (Sandy) Workshops listed on Services | Workshops | Online workshops on library website. Welcome input for workshops that would be helpful. Has started working with Grad College to generate new workshop ideas: grad student toolkit, refworks, data management, visualizing data, copyright protection, open access, measuring research impact. Contact exec committee with requests for other workshops. Dissertations and theses now being submitted electronically and put into institutional repository. Publicly accessible dissertations and theses available at and also planning to upload 7,000 past dissertations.
    • To get in touch with librarians, click Ask a Librarian link on library page.


  • Announcement (Byron): submit nominations for officers, including self-nominations, through Qiana anytime during the meeting.


  • Announcement from Society of Hispanic Professionals Engineers.
    • Looking to form partnerships with other organizations on campus, currently technical focus but interested in new partnerships.
    • Next meeting on April 3, hosted by BP, which will talk about job opportunities. Planning for next year, info at


  • UIC Veteran Student Association: Kenneth Adams, Liberal Arts & Sciences
    • There are 455 veterans attending UIC. Increasing during war drawdown.
    • Problem: difficulty adjusting to civilian, student life.
    • Proposal: Veteran Resource Center on campus. UIC does not currently have a Veteran Resource Center.
    • Byron reports that GSC has already supported this proposal, asks for show of hands for support.
    • Question: where to contact for more information? Qiana has Ken’s email address, copy of proposal.


  • UIC Student Legal Services: Melissa Williams, Attorney
    • Located at Dean of Students Office, SSB 3rd floor.
    • Student fees fund Legal Services. Wants to serve students even if there is no current legal issue–wants to do workshops for general students. Distributed business card with phone number to call for specific issue or workshop idea.
    • Flyer for first workshop: landlord-tenant issues. For people even if you don’t have an issue currently. Lawyer’s Committee for Better Housing will present Renter’s Resource Guide.
    • Next workshop about Fair Housing and foreclosure.
    • Trying to duplicate East Campus workshops on West Campus as well.
    • Some types of legal issues include going to court, landlord-tenant, divorce (especially unprotected, meaning no children no property, but also will refer for contested divorce), bankruptcy, traffic court. Office includes law student interns and working on pro bono attorneys.
    • Working on website, info is available on dean of students website, and will pass announcements to Qiana. Also want to upload workshop videos to website
    • No fees for legal representation. Student fees cover the cost of service, no additional fees.
    • If the other person is UIC student or faculty, you’ll be referred to ombudsman or university counsel. Legal services is partnered with other legal services and resources to help you.
    • Regarding international students, in IL there’s a provision that you can drive with a license from outside the United States. Students had been getting tickets for not having valid IL DL, but there’s a statute that it’s legal. Legal services can defend against tickets in a situation like this. Landlord-tenant issues are also big for international students, so looking for partnership with international services to do specific workshops.
  • Student trustees
    • Elections were yesterday. Danielle Leibowitz will begin serving July 1, so Ken and/or Danielle will attend the rest of GSC meetings this spring.
    • Met with Dr. Henly and student affairs staff
    • Board Trustees meeting in Urbana March 6-7 and discussed Campus Care. Health insurance was passed at other two campuses with 20% increases in premiums because they don’t have self-funded plans, which means they need to be ACA compliant. Campus Care at UIC is self-funded, so it doesn’t legally have to be ACA compliant, but the campus task force decided to accept most ACA provisions. Waiting on hospital for numbers. Some fixed timeline, because it has to be approved by Board of Trustees in May. Need to know fee increase. There will be an increase for free contraceptives, gender reassignment surgery, and some other services. As soon as we know the increase we’ll let GSC know. Ken doesn’t support huge increase but wants a minimal increase.
    • Planning grad student forum April 12, 12-1PM (tentative) to learn about student trustees, discuss grad student issues, and discuss strategies for issues. Afternoon break with Chancellor April 11 in Cardinal room, 3-4PM. Ken’s FB and Twitter are accepting questions to present to the Chancellor at the afternoon break. Hoping to have questions in the next week or so or come to the break. Try to submit questions early.
    • Lobby day is April 10. All day trip to Springfield, expenses paid, written excuse to provide to faculty, trying to send as many people as possible to make the case for university funding.
    • Danielle announced as new trustee.
    • Question: What are the new Campus Care benefits?
    • Ken: We’re trying to implement free contraceptives for Campus Care students. We have to assume a certain percentage of students who will use the benefit in order to charge an amount to cover the benefit.
    • Qiana: Waiting on analyses to come back for estimates of the percentage of women who will use the benefit (35%-80%). We’re trying to use Urbana’s percentages.
    • Ken: Another is reassignment surgery, which is very expensive, but less than one person per year nationwide uses it.
    • Qiana: Lifetime benefits will be decreased from $2 million to $500,000.
    • Ken: The higher number was for ACA compliance and they were attempted to phase in lifetime unlimited, so they went from $500k to 2 million, but now they’re taking it back down. It’s more expensive to have $2 million limit even though we’ve never had to cover anyone at that level.
    • Question: What about more basic benefits like blood tests?
    • Ken: Received an email about a specific benefit. We’re trying to check and see why that’s not covered.
    • Question: For reassignment surgery are things like hormones and syringes covered?
    • Ken: It will be 100% covered at another (non-UIC) hospital, so hormones will be covered. UIC has people who are very knowledgeable but not certified to do the surgery. So we have the knowledge but not the (medical) certification to do it. The goal is to get the information to organizations like GSC (Gender and Sexuality Center) who know the resources for services, and make sure the benefit is offered so doctors on campus can refer students to the appropriate places, but there won’t be a financial constraint for students on Campus Care.
    • Question: Specific issue with a student having trouble getting an appointment. Discussion ensues about appointment setting, referrals, Family Medicine, etc.
    • Byron: This is part of a larger conversation, and we should have the right people present. We need to table this conversation. We do have a health care task force in GSC if you’re interested in working on this at a higher level. See Qiana and Yash about that.


  • Byron: propose secret ballot vote for officers.
    • Need any final nominations so names can be put on the ballots.
    • Motion to hold the election with a show of hands vote? Motion passed to vote by show of hands, with ballot for those leaving early.


  • Project award presentations
    • Yash: we have one project award left ($500), so we can split it across multiple projects or award it to one.
    • UIC Criminal Justice Society: Joanna Thompson, Criminal Justice
      • 2nd annual Criminal Justice Society teach-in. Department of Criminology, Law, and Justice. Topic is Reform for Chicago Police.
      • April 15, 12-4 PM, Cardinal Room SCE.
      • Open to all levels of study–undergraduate and graduate.
      • Asking for lunch for main speaker and visual exhibits and lunch for Illinois Coalition of Torture speakers.
    • Graduate Student Consulting Club: Szi-Chieh Yu, Biological Sciences
      • New club started last December to help grad students in consulting. Mission is to launch careers in consulting. Membership free and open to all graduates. Currently 300+ members.
      • Resume and cover letter workshop in April. Guest speaker (name?) who has experience and expertise in consulting career coaching. Sponsorship from UIC Business School.
      • Request funding for speaker.
    • Mathematics department and members of CIAM (cyber industrial and applied mathematics), an international organization.
      • Want to organize graduate student conference in industrial applied sciences in Chicago area. Students from IIT and Northwestern are collaborating.
      • April 27-28 open to all graduate students. The conference will feature 2-3 speakers who are experts in their fields and graduate student presentations and undergraduate posters.
      • Need for local meeting for these scientists. Want to host, for example, networking dinner.
      • Need funds for a professional conference.
    • GSC can contribute in-kind assistance, e.g. lending space in SCE?
    • Voting on project awards by show of hands
      • First project award: award approved
      • Second project award: 15 in favor, 18 not in favor, no abstains. Not approve
      • Third project award: award approved
      • Divide remaining funds across the two projects


  • Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) Updates
    • Working on contracts for GAs and TAs. University rescheduled meeting to 9AM Wednesday 3/20.
    • Negotiating wages and benefits; university doesn’t want to bargain any more on tuition differentials or fees. University says they can’t move on differentials.
    • GEO asking for more money to offset tuition differentials and fees.
    • Need people to come Wednesday to vote on bargaining proposals, also, the more people there the more pressure is on the university. UH 650.


  • Graduate Student Bill of Rights Updates – Blake Garcia, Public Administration
    • Committee has identified goals and is working on specific language in the next meeting.


  • Information Technology Governance Council Updates – Sunil Tilokani, Computer Science


  • Byron: move to vote on officer elections by show of hands.
    • Motion to have all candidates speak, then vote all at once. Motion passed.
    • Candidates
      • President: Byron Sicho
      • Vice President: Engin Yapici
      • Secretary: Qiana Woodson
      • Treasurer: ?? Name
    • Vote for each candidate by show of hands. All candidates confirmed.


  • Wireless connectivity announcement (Engin): Committee is working on improving wireless reception. Email if there is an area with poor wi-fi.


  • Campus safety announcement (Engin): Support services committee is working on physical security on campus. Proposal to have panic buttons in all restrooms, at least ladies restrooms, on campus. No emergency phones in most buildings.


  • Meeting adjourned.

Apr 11 – “Afternoon Break” with Chancellor Allen-Meares

UIC Students,

You are invited to an “Afternoon Break” with Chancellor Paula Allen-Meares, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Barbara Henley, and Student Trustee Ken Thomas. Join them for campus updates and discussion Thursday, April 11, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. in the Cardinal Room of Student Center East. 

All UIC students are welcome, and refreshments will be provided. Attendees will receive co-curricular credit for The UIC Experience.

RSVP to by March 22.

Send any question you would like the Chancellor to address to

If you require special accommodations, please call (312) 996-7140 or e-mail

Co-sponsors are the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Committee, Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Health Professions Student Council (HPSC) and the Graduate Student Council (GSC).

For more information on the UIC Experience, visit

Mar 2013 Latino Cultural Center Events

Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement (IPCE) presents:
Civic Engagement Brown Bag Series

Learn more about how civic engagement can transform democracy


Wednesday, March 13, 2013
“Civic Engagement and the Arts”
Dr. Rosa Cabrera, Director of the Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center.
Talk will be held at the Rafael Cintrón Ortiz Latino Cultural Center, Lecture Center B2.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
“Participatory Budgeting… What’s all the buzz about?”
Thea Crum, Economic Development Planner with the Great Cities Institute (GCI).
Talk will be held in CUPPA GCI Conference Room 418.

Both events are from 12noon to 1p.m.
Brown bag encouraged.
Light lunch will be served.

IPCE is committed to transforming democracy by creating a more fully engaged community
with more effective leaders. For more information call (312)355-0088 or e-mail

Are you looking for off-campus housing?

Discover La Casa Student Housing in Pilsen
La Casa is an innovative model in student housing that surrounds
students with many of the benefits and resources of on-campus
living – plus the added advantage of an on-site Resource Center.
Wednesday, March 13, 2013
3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Latino Cultural Center
Lecture Center B2

FREE Admission and Refreshments

Representatives from La Casa will be available to answer your questions.


Noche de Poetas
Breaking Barriers

Join the UIC Latino Cultural Center, MeSA, SAFEHR, SJP, and UPRS for our second Noche de
Poetas (Poetry Night) of the Spring 2013 semester.


Don’t miss the amazing talented poets as they share their own poetic words on this month’s
theme, “Overcoming barriers by understanding and unifying.”

What is your barrier?
How do you challenge it?
What helped you break your barriers?

Leading the poetry will be our featured poet Ziad Khateeb. He is a UIC student and as social justice activist.
His poetry touches on issues of justice and equality.

when: Thursday, March 14th
time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm
where: Latino Cultural Center
Lecture Center B2

FREE refreshments and admission

For more info, please call 312-996-3095

If you require any accommodations please contact the number above at least 2 days before the event.
For directions please visit:

NEXT WEEK (3/18-22)


Civic Cinema

Catching Babies

What does birthing justice mean to you?

What if we could change the world by changing the way babies are born? 

This documentary weaves the stories of mothers and midwives on the journey of bringing  life into the world.  Filmed along the US-Mexico border, this filmfollows four young women as they study midwifery at Maternidad La Luz. Learn about their empowering journey as midwife mothers welcoming healthy babies. Approx. 60min.

Screening followed by facilitated discussion.

when: Wednesday, March 20th

time: 3:30pm to 5pm

where: Latino Cultural Center

Lecture Center B2

FREE refreshments and admission

This film screening is presented as part of the African American Cultural Center’s Women’s History Month film Series, ” A Woman’s Work: Midwives and Mamas”

This event is co-sponsored by the UIC Honors College, Latin American and Latino Studies Program and Health Oriented Latino Association (HOLA).



What Do Public Art, Daycare, and Soul Food Have to Do with Climate Change?                                                                                               

Come learn about new multimedia resources that you can use to teach climate change

and engage more people on your campus in climate action.


This interactive workshop will introduce climate change education and action materials from the Chicago Community Climate Action Toolkit, just released last May. It will be facilitated by applied anthropologists who were part of the team that created the Toolkit.

The Toolkit’s place-based materials, all downloadable free of charge from the Toolkit website, include case studies of community-based climate action from diverse neighborhoods around Chicago as well as over 60 tools to help others engage their communities in climate change conversations and action. The tools present climate change as it relates to Chicago communities and other issues that people care about, like healthy food, youth development, and cultural heritage. Materials are available in English and Spanish.

when: Thursday, March 21st

time:   3:30pm to 5pm

where: UIC Latino Cultural Center

Lecture Center B2

For map and parking go to:

FREE Admission and Refreshments

Mar 18 & 20 – UIC Budget Townhall Mtgs

From the Chancellor

Dear faculty, students and staff,

We are in a time of extraordinary change in public higher education – especially in Illinois. As a result of the State’s continuing financial challenges, it appears that public higher education will face yet another year of declining State support.

We have been forewarned that GRF funds will be cut, starting at 4%, possibly more. We also anticipate a portion of institutional responsibility for pension sustenance. There is talk of another GRF cut in FY2015. With the Illinois Truth in Tuition Act and the Board policy and practice that tuition rate recommendations be compared to the average annual rate of inflation, the Board approved a 1.7% increase in tuition for AY2013-14 for the incoming freshmen class. This increase rate coupled with other declining resources require us to be prudent about our budget decisions.

Although the campus budgeting and planning process is well underway, at my request, Provost Lon Kaufman will host two campus-wide town hall meetings regarding the FY2014 budget outlook. An open question-and-answer session will follow short presentations by David Merriman, Professor and Associate Director, The Institute of Government and Public Affairs and Frank Goldberg, Vice Provost for Resource Planning and Management. Provost Kaufman and Saul Weiner, Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Medical Education and Vice Provost for Planning and Programs, will join Vice Provost Goldberg and Professor Merriman in answering your questions.

Please note: The March 18 meeting will be webcast live.

After the presentation, a recording will be available to view. The March 20 presentation is identical in content and will not be webcast or recorded.

The budget town hall meetings will take place on:

Monday, March 18, 2013
1:00p – 2:30p
SCW – Michele M Thompson Rooms A/B

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
1:00p – 2:30p
SCE – Illinois Rooms A/B

I hope you will make every effort to attend and participate in these important meetings.


Paula Allen-Meares
John Corbally Presidential Professor

Mar 16 – War & Peace: A Public Health Perspective Forum

War and Peace Flyer


War & Peace
A Public Health Perspective forum

Saturday March 16

College of Nursing room 158

9am – 4pm

A forum to explore the health consequences of war
Keynote Speaker: Martin Donohoe, MD, FACP

Featuring: Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Session topics include: Veterans’ Health, Drones, the Faith Community, and Refugee Health

Free admission

Lunch will be provided

For more information, transportation details, and to RSVP: or 

War and Peace Flyer


Mar 18 – 22: UIC LGBTQ Health Week 2013

UIC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Health Week 2013
Events include: 
  • The Psychology of Coming Out
  • Transgender Health Competency: working with transgender, gender non-conforming and two-spirit individuals in a healthcare setting
  • Health and Pride: An Interdisciplinary Discussion on LGBTQ Health Disparities
  • Beyond Binaries: Identity and Sexuality
  • “It Gets Messy in Here” Film Screening & Discussion
  • Envisioning Alternatives for Children Born with Intersex/DSD Conditions
  • “Absolutely Safe” Film screening and discussion
  • Self and Community Care Workshop for Health Activists, Organizers and Professionals
Please see attached flyer for more details